The Reason Most Online Marketing Doesn’t Work

You and I exist in a consumer-driven marketplace.

Scratch that.

A SMART consumer driven marketplace.

Long gone are the days of some fat cat corporate authority figure shouting down to us from the board room, “You’ll buy what I tell you to buy and you’ll like it!”

Today’s savvy consumers are going to tell you to go pound sand if you treat them that way.

Today’s consumers have complete control over the information they allow into their minds. They know what they want and need – and they know how to find it.

The question is: When they find you and the products and services you’ve worked so hard to create and promote… what will your messaging tell them about you?

Why ‘Push’ Marketing Is Dead… Or At Least Why It’s Wheezing

Push marketing blasts out general messages to the masses about general products and services. The idea is that if you can make something appealing to a large enough portion of the masses, you’ll do well. (Think soft drinks, burgers, cars… mass appeal products)

It treats consumers like weak-minded useful idiots – and maybe at some point in the past consumers tolerated it. Not anymore. The consumer of the new millennium is smart and resourceful – and they demand to be treated that way.

That’s why web copy that speaks to consumers (instead of assaulting an insulting them) is so crucial.

Your prospective customer doesn’t want corny catch-phrases, buzz words, and false promises. They also don’t want to read a page full of boring text peppered with fancy 10-dollar words that some copywriter thinks sound intelligent.

If you’ve looked around the net for copywriting services, odds are that you’ve noticed something…

A lot of copywriting reads like a resume – or that stiff, boring language they put on diplomas.

If you’re anything like me, a few sentences into “standard” web copy and you’re ready to click the back button on your browser, or the little red x up there top right. The copy is boring, cold, and long-winded. It doesn’t hold your attention at all.

And therein lies the problem with most web copy. I mean, seriously, why would you pay someone to come up with copy that drives away visitors? You can do that yourself, right?

(And if that’s your strategy, we should have a whole other discussion)

If you’re ready for copy that really converts, let’s talk about it one-on-one

Why You Need to Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

Take it from a guy who has spent over 25 years in sales and marketing: Buyers want to understand and to be understood. The concept is simple. The execution of the concept is quite a bit more challenging.

Great copy is like a conversation about your product or service between two friends over a cup of coffee. It’s simple, easy to understand, concise, and even enjoyable. Well written copy demonstrates that you understand the wants, needs, desires, fears, and aspirations of your prospect. And unless you convey that in an articulate and convincing way, you’re sunk, my friend.

Great copy is a carefully constructed, friendly conversation that results in both parties winning.

That’s what you’ll find here. Great copy, concepts, and branding that works – delivered to your prospects in a way that is comfortable and even enjoyable.

Take a look around. Visit my About Page to learn why I’m uniquely qualified to create concepts that convert for you. Check out my references, and make yourself at home.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me at any time. I’d love to hear from you!